Felting machine FastFelt is the best tool for felting

The felting machine FastFelt is a unique development of Art-Garazh studio (Moscow, Russia), it is suitable for any type of dry felting. It can be used to draw (fill a pattern with wool) on textile surfaces of any density, as well as to create toys made of wool (sculptural felting).

The power of the machine at high speed allows you to quickly roll off and build up the base. At medium and low speeds, it is convenient to work out details: facial expressions, folds, reliefs.

The machine is suitable for both beginners and more experienced wool felting enthusiasts.
Right-handed and left-handed people can use it with the same convenience and comfort.
Compared to felting by hand, the machine has a number of advantages, the main one of which is speed. The needle performs reciprocating movements with a frequency of about 40 times per second! Thanks to this, you will save time for creativity, and FastFelt will do the routine for you!

The machine has a convenient shape, you need to hold it like a fountain pen, so it's easy to work with it in any direction.
Key Features:
- Powerful motor, allows you to work immediately to the full depth of the needle, rather than sinking the recesses in the product
- The machine is equally good for both creation of the base and grinding of the finished product
- Ergonomics: comfortable grip of the machine (not pistol grip), excellent balancing and control
- Fit your favorite needles without trimming
- Easy needle change
- Convenient spout with the needle going inside, allows you to work with the spout, press the product without fear of a finger puncture
- Reliable metal construction, no delicate and protruding parts
- Durable, there are no pasties in the mechanism, which are stretched and require periodic replacement.
- Convenient power button, reduces the risk of accidental injury
- Minimal vibration
- Speed adjustment for comfortable operation

- FastFelt felting machine in an unpainted silver metal case - 1 pc.
- 220V power supply with a speed controller 1 pc (eu standard)
- Felting needle 1 pc.

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